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Groups Scheduled To Appear :
M.C.  Joe Sweet
Upper Room (WV) Fri/Sat
Fisher Family (KY) Sat
Living Water (TN) Sat
Haddix Family (OH) Fri
Beacon Quartet (OH) Sat
Joe Sweet (OH) Fri
Calvary Mountain Boys (OH) Thurs/Sat
Eliza Love (TN) Fri
Sounds of Victory (KY) Sat
Cole Family (OH) Sat
Johnny Evans (WV) Sat
Mullins Family (OH)
Meadows Family (OH) Thurs/Sat
Walking By Faith (OH) Sat
Bessie Carter (OH)
Jones Family (GA) Fri/Sat
Christian Enterprise Singers (OH) Sat
Douglas Family (KY)
Brandi Randall (IN) Thurs
Wings of Prayer (KY) Sat
Homegates (OH) Fri/Sat
A String and A Prayer (TN) Fri/Sat
Shiveley Family (OH) Fri/Sat
Cannan's Creek (OH) Sat
Johnson Family (OH) Sat
Bobby Jones Family(OH) Sat
White Oak Gospel Boys (OH)
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